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ericgj edited this page Jun 7, 2012 · 2 revisions

Include here a list of specific, actionable things that can be done to help with phase 2 of homesteading.

  • Greg suggested we do some sort of "open house" event or announcement to mark the 2nd anniversary of MU and also the halfway point of homesteading. Not sure what you had in mind Greg but presumably it should involve getting what material we have so far in some presentable format. Is that something one of us could take charge of and hand off some tasks to others? Organizing the wiki pages seems like one clear thing that needs doing. Eric Gjertsen

  • I think everyone who's done some kind of activity so far, including current homesteaders, should be asked to do some kind of write-up about how it went, what could be improved, etc. Or alternatively try to arrange a time to discuss this on IRC. Maybe it's just me, but I feel it's a little hard to go much further with the homesteading without some feedback. Eric Gjertsen