How to organize a study session

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OK, so you want to organize an MU study group, or code reading, or offer office hours on IRC. How do you get folks together to plan it, announce when it's scheduled, and let the community know what great stuff is happening?

  1. Create a post in the "Meta discussions" category in the MU forums where interest in the event / scheduling can be discussed. Note that when the community at large starts using the forums, they should be instructed to turn on email notifications for this category if they're interested in getting involved in planning upcoming activities.

  2. Check the website and forum for other upcoming MU events, and make sure to avoid schedule conflicts.

  3. If the event is a go, add an announcement to the website (see How to post an activity to

  4. If the study session involves assignments or ongoing discussions, open a topic in the "Study Sessions" category of the forums, and point people to that in your announcement.

  5. Read tips on How to run a study session.

  6. Write a followup about the event on the wiki after it is over, and link to it from the Activities index page.