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The website is a simple static site built with jekyll, which means that by following a few conventions, it's basically a matter of editing markdown files in whatever editor you like, and following a git workflow.

(Click here for more info about using jekyll, git/github, or markdown.)

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Checkout a new local feature branch with a descriptive name, e.g. add-study-group-announcement-may-20.
  3. Edit a file in the _posts/activities directory, named like e.g. 2012-05-20-study-group.markdown. The date in the front of the filename is important to include. If you want to meet at a certain time make sure to use UTC.
  4. Add the following (YAML) text to the top of the file:
title: "Study group on the Foo framework"
category: activities
layout: post
tags: frontpage
  1. Commit your changes.
  2. Review your changes by running jekyll locally from the root directory
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll --server

This will compile the markdown and spin up a webrick server on port 4000. Browse http://localhost:4000/ to make sure the site looks ok and your new activity appears on the front page.

__NOTE__: Try to keep recent updates and activities as balanced as possible. This can be achieved by
displaying up to 5 items in each list, editing down as necessary by posted / activity date.
  1. If you have commit access to the github repo, you can go ahead and push to the gh-pages branch before asking for a review.

  2. Otherwise, push your local branch and create a pull request for review.

  3. When your activity is completed, push an update which removes the frontpage tag.

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