IRC administration cheatsheet

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This guide is to help channel moderators and admins manage the #mendicant IRC channel.

Enabling the voice flag: We are using the voice flag on IRC to make it easier for newcomers to identify existing MU community members. Anyone who is an active participant in our community who has shown that they understand and appreciate our cultural values should be given voice. In particular, this applies to all folks who were part of the alumni network, but other people can be given voice as well as long as they are trusted members of our community.

If you are a channel moderator, here is how you can enable the voice flag for someone:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in: /msg NickServ identify YOURPASSWORD
  2. Add autovoice flag /msg ChanServ FLAGS #mendicant NICKNAME +V
  3. Enable voice immediately: /msg ChanServ VOICE #mendicant NICKNAME

If you are not a channel moderator, but think someone should get their voice flag enabled, please contact the Mendicant University staff.

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