Share your favourite gem (2012 06 19)

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Sir Isaac Newton famously quipped, "if I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants" and the session on rubygems was an example of the Mendicant's community providing shoulders for their members.

Several fantastic gems were discussed and here they are in no particular order:

  • Prawn - If you need to create pdf's this is the gem to use.
  • Simplecov - Analyze the code coverage of your tests.
  • Fog - Solution for setting up servers in the cloud.
  • Mailhopper - For handling asynchronous email sending.
  • Graph - For when you need to create charts of just about anything.
  • Rserve - For doing statistical analysis in R with a ruby flavour.
  • Rinruby - For doing statistical analysis in R with an R flavour.
  • Turn - For viewing test reports from Minitest.
  • Parslet - For constructing parsers.
  • Pry - Arguably a better alternative to irb.
  • Brakeman - Scans a ruby project and looks for vulnerabilities.
  • Outlaw - Scans a project and looks for code smells.
  • Crane - Easily send files via ftp.
  • Laser - Ruby code analyzer.
  • Cocoon - Makes working with nested forms much much nicer.
  • Compass - Add variables and other magical things to your css files.
  • Draper - Add decorators to your models.

It was a great exchange of knowledge and ideas, thank you to everyone who attended and contributed.

More gem suggestions below:

  • Slim - HTML templating stripped down even further than HAML, and runs faster Eric Gjertsen
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