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Mendix Atlas UI

Mendix Atlas UI is the foundation of making beautiful apps with Mendix. For more information about the framework go here.

Theme folder structure

The theme folder contains the default HTML pages, Sass, CSS and resources needed to style your application.


In the Sass folder you will notice two main folders, custom and lib. The lib folder houses the complete Mendix UI Framework. The custom folder is where we recommend doing all customizations. This will making updating to the new framework easier.


Mendix is capable of creating beautiful and user-friendly UI. Our Atlas UI framework demonstrates some of its possibilities. Here you will find a basic overview of our framework.

├── styles/
|   ├── css/
|   │   ├── * all output files
|   └── sass/
|       ├── custom/
|       |   ├── _custom-variable.scss
|       |   ├── custom.scss
|       ├── lib/
|           ├── base/
|           ├── buildinblocks/
|           ├── components/
|           ├── customwidgets/
|           ├── layouts/
|           ├── _variable.scss
|           ├── lib.scss
├── * index files
├── * assets

The base folder contains the architecture for our framework. Here you will find our mixins and resets.


This directory contains the styling of all kinds of basic components like the datagrid, buttons, label, form, listview, and anything along those lines. They have distinct properties and can't be broken down further without losing their meaning.

Custom Widgets

This directory contains any extra styling that might be needed for custom widgets downloaded from the Mendix App Store.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are made up of components and widgets. For example cards or headers are building blocks. A building block could be an image, a title, and a button, assembled together into one UI block.


The layout directory contains some styles for the main sections of the layout (topbar, sidebar, footer and so on).


This file contains the style settings that are used across the project, allowing for consistent typography, color schemes, etc.