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Mendix UI Framework

This is the library for the Mendix UI Framework to quickly create a beautiful app with Mendix. This library acts as a submodule for the default Mendix themes that can be found here.

Theme folder structure

The theme folder consists of the default HTML pages, Sass, CSS and resources needed to style your application.

Styles / Sass

In the Sass folder you will notice two main folders, custom and library. The library folder houses the complete Mendix UI Framework and the custom folder is a duplication of the library folder. We advice to do all customization in the custom folder.

Library Folder

We created a framework so our users have a clear understanding what Mendix is capable of. The library folder structure is as follows:

  • Base
  • Building Blocks
  • Components
  • Layouts
  • Mobile

The base folder holds the architecture for our framework. Here we have our mixins, variables and resets. The variables is what makes our framework, which holds all global variables for the project (for typography, color schemes, and so on).


This directory contains all kind of basic components like a datagrid, buttons, label, form, listview, or anything along those lines. They have distinct properties and can't be broken down further without losing their meaning.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are combined components/widgets. For example cards or headers are building blocks. A building block could be an image, title and a button built together.


The layout directory contains some styles for the main sections of the layout (topbar, sidebar, footer and so on).


The mobile directory include specific styling for your tablet or phone pages and widgets. This is useful to target only mobile use cases.

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