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Native Template

1. Introduction

Native Template is the starting point for any Mendix Native App project. The repo is kept as close to a react-native init as possible. The only addition are the Mendix native libraries for Android and iOS and wiring to make everything work together nicely.

This repo is used as the baseline for Mendix Native Builder, a tool that automates the process of building your Native Apps with Mendix.

More advanced developers may want to use it as a reference or starting point on how to setup their own Mendix App or include Mendix as an extra layer in their current apps.

2. High level description on how to build manually

2.1 Install dependencies

Make sure that you have CocoaPods 1.7+ installed. Check with pod --version in the ios folder. If you have an older version update using sudo gem install cocoapods.

Afterwards execute the following commands:

  • npm install
  • cd ios && pod install

2.2 Build your app bundle

To bundle your Mendix project please check the documentation on how to deploy your project with MxBuild. Do not forget to pass the --native-packager flag.

When done you should have an and an index.ios.bundle and your projects resources for each platform relative to the native deployement folder.

These need to be moved to their respective places.


  • index.ios.bundle: ./ios/Bundle
  • resources: ./ios/Bundle/assets/img


  • ./android/app/src/main/assets
  • resources: ./android/app/src/main/res/

2.3 Building your apps

For iOS open the xcworkspace project with XCode and build as you would build any other iOS project.

For Android open the android folder with Android Studio and build as you would any other Android project.

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