Elixir utility to manage your connected nodes.
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Nodex is a OTP Application which will take care of your connected nodes. It will connect to a given node, reconnect if the connection is lost and will help you with some some issues like ip resolution or launching custom functions just after the connection with the node is done.

Check the Documentation.


Add nodex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
   [{:nodex, git: "https://github.com/mendrugory/nodex.git"}]


iex> Nodex.connect(%Nodex.Node{app_name: :app, host_address: "my.host"})

In Nodex.Node can be also specified the reconnection time and a function that will be executed just after the connection with the node is done. This function is very useful if you need to log or save some information in the local node or execute any function, like a registration, in the connected node. This function will receive the name of the connected node as argument.

iex> remote_procedure = fn(node_name) -> my_function(node_name) end
iex> remote_procedure2 = {MyModule, :my_func} # Or a tuple with the module and the function
iex> Nodex.connect(%Nodex.Node{app_name: :app, host_address: "my.host", fun_after_conn: remote_procedure, reconnection_time: 10_000})

Nodex.NodesWatchers are the processes that deal with the connected nodes. If you don't specify any, it will work with the default one.

iex> Nodex.connect(%Nodex.Node{app_name: :app, host_address: "my.host"}, :my_nodes_watcher)

Start a NodesWatcher

Altough Nodex could work with only one Nodex.NodesWatcher (the default one is up and running after the app is initialized) and it would be enough for most of the distributed applications, some of them with a lot of connected nodes need a better structure. This improvement can be achieved groping the nodes in different Nodex.NodesWatchers.

iex> Nodex.start_nodes_watcher(:my_nodes_watcher)

Stop a NodesWatcher

iex> Nodex.stop_nodes_watcher(:my_nodes_watcher)

Start from Configuration

It is possible to start up your Nodex.NodesWatchers and connect to the nodes if you specify it in the config files:

config :nodex,
  nodes: %{
    nodes_watcher1: [
      %{app_name: :my_app1,
      host_address: "www.example1.com",
      fun_after_conn: {MyModule1, :my_fun_1}
    nodes_watcher2: [
      %{app_name: :my_app2,
      host_address: "www.example2.com",
      fun_after_conn: {MyModule2, :my_fun_2},
      reconnection_time: 2_000

app_name and host_address are mandatory.


  • Run the tests.
mix test


  • Create documentation.
mix docs