Run your Python algorithms in parallel and avoid the GIL
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Piton Build Status

Piton is a library which will help you to run your Python code.

You can implement your own Piton.Port and run your python code but I highly recommend to use Piton.Pool, a pool which will allow to run Python code in parallel, a way of avoiding the GIL, and it will protect you from python exceptions.


Add piton to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:piton, "~> 0.4.0"}]

How to use it

Define your own port

  • The Easiest one
defmodule MySimplePort do
  use Piton.Port
  • A port with some wrapper functions which will help you to call the python function: YOUR_MODULE.execute(pid, python_module, python_function, list_of_arguments)
defmodule MyCustomPort do
  use Piton.Port
  def start_link(), do: MyCustomPort.start_link([path: Path.expand("python_folder"), python: "python"], [name: __MODULE__])
  def fun(n), do: MyCustomPort.execute(__MODULE__, :functions, :fun, [n])
  • A port prepared to be run by Piton.Pool They have to have a function start() and it has not to be linked.
defmodule MyPoolPort do
  use Piton.Port
  def start(), do: MyPoolPort.start([path: Path.expand("python_folder"), python: "python"], [])
  def fun(pid, n), do: MyPoolPort.execute(pid, :functions, :fun, [n])

Run a Pool

Pay attention to the number of Pythons you want to run in parallel. It does not exist an optimal number, maybe it is the number of cores, maybe half or maybe double. Test it with your application.

{:ok, pool} = Piton.Pool.start_link([module: MyPoolPort, pool_number: pool_number], [])

Call a Port (No pool)

iex> MyCustomPort.execute(pid_of_the_port, python_module, python_function, list_of_arguments_of_python_function)

Call a Pool

iex> Piton.Pool.execute(pid_of_the_pool, elixir_function, list_of_arguments_of_elixir_function)


Some Mix.Tasks have been included in order to facilitate the integration of a python project

  • Mix.Tasks.Piton.Venv: It creates a Python Virtual Environment.
  • Mix.Tasks.Piton.Pip: It upgrades the Python pip.
  • Mix.Tasks.Piton.Requirements: It gets the dependencies of the Python project.


Run the tests.

mix test 


Pitón is only Python in Spanish 😜 🐍