Ideas for final year projects that I'd be keen to advise
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Final Year Project Instructions

Checklist for the projects

You can find a Checklist for Final Year Projects, which includes things I expect you to check before handing in the written from. If you are working with me, you will need to write in LaTeX, and here's a good place to start.

Projects I'd like to do now

  • Implementation of a machine learning filter for arXiv daily feed based on affinity with past publications. This idea was inspired by the Toronto paper matching system used by conferences to select papers -- Keywords: Deep Learning, NLP
  • Train reinforcement-learning based agents to play games in environment labs such as:
  • Implementation of a heuristic planner for incomplete PDDL domains in Python -- Keywords: Automated Planning
  • Implementation of a fragment of the PRS interpreter using Python -- Keywords: Multiagent Systems
  • Implementation of a MultiAgent Planner using a Graphplan base code -- Keywords: Automated Planning, Multiagent Systems
  • Implementation of HTN-based planning into AgentSpeak -- Keywords: Automated Planning, Multiagent Systems
  • Implementation of the CANPLAN semantics using an AgentSpeak-like syntax - -- Keywords: Multiagent Systems

Other Ideas for new projects

Ideas for final year projects that I'd be keen to advise

  • Implement a new AI system for the Battle for Wesnoth game, they seem to have a tutorial for customising the AI (hopefully better than the one from a few years ago).
    • Using reinforcement learning
    • Connecting it to an AgentSpeak(L) interpreter
    • Using some kind of automated planner
  • Implement a level generator for Super Mario type games backed by a planning system (to design achievable levels) in a similar way to generating narratives automatically
  • Implement an HTN planner (from scractch, in Java or Python) that accepts these formalisms:
  • Implement an HGN planner
  • Normative Gold Miners: Implement and evaluate a variation of the gold miners simulator with a parameterisable norm monitor so that certain norms can be specified as well as a customisable norm detection mechanism
  • Compare agents implemented using the Profeta Python BDI engine with traditional approaches
  • Competitively try to play VizDoom

Current projects

  • This could be you

Past projects

To do

  • Improve this document with further details for some of these projects
  • Separate some of the projects into different files or folders