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import sublime, sublime_plugin
import datetime
import pinyin
header = '''---
layout: post
categories: blog
date: dummy_date
comments: true
author: Meng Jue
title: dummy_title
def make_pinyin(title_input):
p = pinyin.Pinyin()
return p.get_pinyin(title_input)
def replace_with_real_title(title, header2):
header3 = header2.replace('dummy_title', title)
return header3
def replace_with_real_datetime():
now1 =
target_string = now1.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
header2 = header.replace('dummy_date', target_string)
return header2
def make_post_date():
now =
file_date = now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
return file_date
def make_file_name(title_input):
jek_date = make_post_date()
jek_title = make_pinyin(title_input)
# jek_title = title_input.lower().replace(' ', '-')
jek_file_type = '.md'
jek_post_title = jek_date + '-' + jek_title + jek_file_type
return jek_post_title
class MakeOctopressPostCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):
def on_done(self, title):
header2 = replace_with_real_datetime()
header3 = replace_with_real_title(title, header2)
new_post = self.window.new_file()
post_title = make_file_name(title)
edit = new_post.begin_edit()
new_post.insert(edit, 0, header3)
def run(self):
self.window.show_input_panel("Post Title:", "", self.on_done, None, None)
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