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Everysport API

The Everysport API gives you access to tables, results and events for 90,000 teams and 1,500,000 matches from Everysport.

Game events (e.g. goals) reported live on is available via the API. For example, if your team uses Everysport for live reports, you can build applications with the data from the API.

Access to game reports from other leagues (e.g. International) can also be provided by Everysport. Contact for details.

The API is REST API with JSON as the return format for all endpoints.

Getting Started

  1. Explore the API documentation here to see if this is what you are looking for.
  2. Read the Everysport API Terms of Use.
  3. Get your API key, see below.
  4. Build a Great Sports App!



All endpoints are documented in endpoints

Apply for an API key

In order to use the API you need an API key, here are a few things to bear in mind before you get started:

  • Attribution: You must display "Provided by" wherever Everysport data is used.
  • Linking: You must link to Everysport teams and events wherever you display such data.
  • Exclusivity: You must not combine Everysport data with similar data from other sources.
  • You may only make calls to the Everysport API at a reasonable rate.
  • You may not store Everysport data for any other purpose than caching for a short period of time.
  • You must tell us if you start using the data for Commercial use, we reserve rights to revoke access if this is not complied with. Commercial use is defined as using the Everysport Data for the purposes of monetary reward by means of the sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or any other form of exploitation of the Everysport Data.
  • We have the right to revoke access if your use of the data competes with products or services offered by Everysport. For example, is today one of the largest providers of sport data to media in Sweden, and a large online sport community.

The full Terms of Use are here.

To get an API key, please send us an email to with the following information:

  • Your email address
  • The domain where the Everysport data will be published (the API-key will be associated with the domain)
  • Brief description of the app you are building.
  • Statement saying you agree to comply with the Everysport API terms of use

We contact you as soon as we can.

Rate Limits

To protect Everysport the API has a rate limit. By default it's set to 240 calls/h and max 1000/month, for one API user. The limit may change in the future.

Commercial Use

Please contact us at to obtain a license for commercial use.

Discussions Google Groups

Feel free to ask questions in our Everysport Developer Group. We will also post updates about new releases there.


The official Java SDK and PHP SDK is maintained by Menmo.

Here are some additional SDKs you can find on GitHub:


Documentation for the Everysport API



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