Stores all the Jupyter notebook widgets for the Menpo Project (
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BSD License Python 2.7 Support Python 3.4 Support Python 3.5 Support

menpowidgets - Jupyter widgets for fancy visualization

What is MenpoWidgets?

MenpoWidgets is the Menpo Project's Python package for fancy visualization within the Jupyter notebook using interactive widgets. In the Menpo Project we take an opinionated stance that visualization is a key part of generating research. Therefore, we have tried to make the mental overhead of visualizing objects as low as possible. MenpoWidgets makes tasks like data exploration, model observation and results demonstration as simple as possible.


Unfortunately, the Menpo Project is a complex project that relies on satisfying a number of complex 3rd party library dependencies. The default Python packing environment does not make this an easy task. Therefore, we evangelise the use of the conda ecosystem, provided by Anaconda. In order to make things as simple as possible, we suggest that you use conda too! To try and persuade you, go to the Menpo website to find installation instructions for all major platforms.

API Documentation

In MenpoWidgets, we use legible docstrings, and therefore, all documentation should be easily accessible in any sensible IDE (or IPython) via tab completion. However, we strongly advise you to visit the MenpoWidgets API documentation.