A little DHTML utility for formatting parallel translations
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duizhao (對照) is a tiny little utility, written in DHTML, that assists
with formatting parallel translations.  Usage is pretty simple: open
duizhao.html in your browser, and type the original and translated text
in any two of the entry boxes provided in the top half of the window.  (A
third box is provided for intermediate forms or transliterations like
pinyin, but will be ignored if it is left empty.)  HTML formatting is
permitted (and as a consequence you will need to escape ampersands as
& and so on).

The entered texts will automatically get reformatted into an HTML table, with
the source code shown on the bottom left, and a rendered preview on the bottom
right.  Most edits will result in immediate updates, but you may have to click
somewhere before pasting from the clipboard will take effect.

Note that duizhao breaks things up according to the line breaks you type,
so if you need to insert a line break in a single logical "line", use a
<br> or paragraph tags to do that.