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Ruby integration for Leiningen
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Ruby and RubyGems integration for Leiningen.

The goal of lein-ruby is to provide just enough support to easily bundle Ruby gems with Clojure applications.



This plugin adds one task to Leiningen:

  • lein ruby CMD [ARGS...] - runs a Ruby command

You are responsible for adding the desired version of jruby-complete to your project's dependencies.


The plugin also includes a set of hooks (in the leiningen.ruby.bundler namespace) which accomplish three things:

  • augment lein deps to install bundler and any gems specified in your project's Gemfile into vendor/gems

  • add vendor/gems to your project's classpath

  • package the gems in vendor/gems as part of your project's jar


lein-ruby also introduces two options which can be set in your project.clj:

  • :ruby-version - the Ruby version to use for lein ruby: "1.8" or "1.9" (default)

  • :ruby-gem-dir - the directory to use for gems, relative to the project root (defaults to vendor/gems)


Copyright (C) 2012 MenTaLguY

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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