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@@ -49,14 +49,15 @@ register $7FF9.
The rows constituting each pattern in the table are given
in sequence from top to bottom. Within each byte, the
-leftmost pixel is in the least significant position. For
-example, for a 4bpp tile, the following row would display
-with the pixels of color 1 on the *left* side, and the
-pixels of color 0 on the *right* side:
+most significant bits contribute to the leftmost pixels.
- 0x00001111
+For example:
-(little-endian byte ordering is assumed)
+ 0x10110000
+In a 4bpp mode where each byte determines the color for two
+adjacent pixels, the left pixel has color 0x1011, and the
+right pixel has color 0x0000.
Different display modes have different pattern bit depths:
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