Genetic Programming Framework for Swift.
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Author: Drew McCormack
Last Updated: 1 December, 2017

An exploratory Swift framework for Genetic Programming.

What is Genetic Programming?

A branch of machine learning in which simple programs or mathematical functions compete to solve a problem, evolving along the lines of Darwinian evolution. A population of solutions can cross pollinate and mutate, and so evolve through generations to 'fitter' descendants.

For a detailed overview, see A Field Guide to Genetic Programming.

What Works?

  • Simple scalar mathematical expressions, comprised of basic operators like addition and multiplication, decimal constants, and variables
  • Mathematical expressions are trees of value types (structs)
  • The basic elements of the Genetic Programming (GP), namely initial population generation, evolutionary operators including crossover and mutation
  • Storing of populations and expressions using the Swift Codable protocol
  • Basic unit tests
  • A basic regression test showing how a function can be fitted by genetic programming

What is Lacking?

  • There are few mathematical operators at this point, though they are very easy to add. Useful would be division and trigonometic functions
  • The plan is to support vector expressions, and perhaps even matrices

How to Install

Anomalii can be installed with the Swift Package Manager, or by building the framework target in Xcode.