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YO'ed is hub written in Go to dispatch actions when someone YO you.


You need the Go tools installed.

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
cp config.json.dist config.json

Then change the callback URL in Yo's API dashboard to point to http://your.server:port/yoed.


The configuration is specified in the config.json file.


Specifies the address and port to listen on, e.g. to listen on port 12345 on any address.


This is the enabled handlers list. Each handler has its own configuration. See below for more details about handlers.

Available Handlers

YO'ed comes with a few handlers:

Slack handler

Uses Slack's Incoming WebHooks integration to YO in a room.

The only configuration parameter is the webhook_url URL you get while setting up the webhook.


Sends back a YO to users who YO you.

The only configuration parameter is the api_token.

Custom handlers

Custom handlers can be added easily. They only have to be compatible with the yoedHandler interface:

type yoedHandler interface {
    Handle(username string)
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