Embedded C client library for the MQTT protocol
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This program is a fork of liblwmqtt developed by Filipe Varela. You can find the original project on http://code.google.com/p/liblwmqtt/.

libemqtt aims to be an embedded C client library for the MQTT protocol. It also provides a binding for Python.


Under development. DO NOT USE in a serious development. API is not closed, so it could be changed.

I hope to release the first version in April.


C Library

$ make

Python binding

$ make python


C Library

Python binding

$ sudo ln -fs /home/user/libemqtt/client/libemqtt.so /usr/lib/python2.7/emqtt/libemqtt.so


  • Can not subscribe to multiple topics in the same MQTT message.


For debugging MQTT development it's possible to use Wireshark-MQTT (https://github.com/menudoproblema/Wireshark-MQTT)