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Your final programming assignment is the "mini-project."
For this assignment, you have may choose from two different
options. You only need to choose ONE of these options (do
NOT do both of them). Each mini-project option has
115% possible credit on it, divided among four steps as follows:

Step 1: 50%
Step 2: 30%
Step 3: 20%
Step 4: 15%

This mini-project is due at 5:00 pm eastern time on Wednesday April 25,
giving you 3 weeks to work on it.

For either options, you may need to consult other materials
for relevant domain knowledge. However, you should have developed the
programming skills to complete the project in this course. 

Your mini-project options are:

 (1) A command shell
     You will need to consult man pages about system calls to do this.
     This option is great preparation if you plan to take ECE 650.
 (2) Numerical methods
     You will need some mathematical knowledge to do this.
     You will also need to perform simple parsing; however, you
     can use the code I gave you in 081 to show you how to do so.
     This option is great preparation if you plan to take ECE 681.

I expect these to be polished, well-tested pieces of code.

For this project, YOU will tell ME how to test your code. You MUST
include a file called TESTING.txt. In this file, you should give me
step-by-step instructions to see that your code follows the
specifications of the README. For example, you might say:

(1) Run ./myprogram < testcases/input1.txt
    You will see that it prints xyz, which is correct because [reasons]
(2) Run ./myprogram < testcases/input2.txt
    You will see that it prints xyz, which is correct because [reasons]

If I am satisfied that your test cases are sufficient, I will not make any more
of my own, and you will receive full credit for adequate testing. If I am
not satisfied with your testcases, I will add more testcases of my own,
and you will lose points for test coverage.

We do not usually grade you on code quality; however, on this assignment
we will, so you will want to review TA and instructor comments from your
previous evaluative assignments.

We expect your code to 
  - Be adequately commented
  - Make good use of abstraction (both in terms of functions and classes)
  - Be well-formatted and easy to read
  - Use good variable names. If I see a variable called "flag" (or anything
    like that), I guarantee you will lose points here.

As always, you should perform good error checking and valgrind cleanly.
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