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3m5 GameJam November 2019

Team Undecidable

Busy Beaver


Available Themes in German (Themenblock):

  • olsagebiet
  • fundamental
  • Einsägen
  • Stiftsgeschichte
  • turingmaschine
  • spirituose
  • Formatoption
  • Physiologe
  • wich
  • Pluswert
  • Lappenfarn
  • hinübergewollt
  • feigen
  • fackel
  • tibetobirmanisch


What to do?

  1. Use torches to light your way and activate switches.
  2. Navigate to and complete the turing test.
  3. Be busy to rescue your family (like a real beaver of course) by freeing them from behind the logs using the chainsaw.

Game controls

  • Left / Right = Move
  • Up = Jump (repeat for double jump, perform against wall for wall jump)
  • Down = Drop item


here ya go!


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