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Many thanks to Gustavo Sales (aka vatsu) for pointing out this bug and
proposing a fix:

In order to minimize code duplication in the *.erb files, I've rewritten
this code as a helper method.
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= Installation

See public/install.html for setup instructions.

= Timezones

You MUST export the environment variable TZ=UTC, or else the article dates
and times will be invalid.

This would not be needed if rails used UTC for everything, but
unfortunately it doesn't... eg: action_view/helpers/date_helper.rb uses
Time::now instead of Timer::now.utc, and Time::mktime instead of

XXX oh, we can't depend on the rails helpers at all, because they don't
    translate the time from UTC (assuming the TZ env var is correctly
    set) to site time, you've to roll our own, or monkey patch rails :/

= Dependencies

Note that Mephisto depends on fewer gems when RAILS_ENV=production than it
does in a development environment.

Run 'rake gems:install' to install the development gems.  In a production
environment, run:

  RAILS_ENV=production rake gems:install

= License

Mephisto is distributed under the same license as Ruby on Rails. See
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