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Submitting Your Code
-When you've finished fixing a bug, adding a feature, or creating a
-new module, build a patch by using the following command from the
-base installation directory:
- svn diff > something-descriptive.patch
-Make sure you add any new files with 'svn add filename' first. If
-you have just a single new file (such as when creating a new module)
-feel free to just send that file. Once you've created the patch,
-there are a couple ways to submit it. The first is to add it as an
-attachment to a ticket in our Redmine tracker
-(; you can
-create a ticket if one does not exist. Alternatively, you can
-email it, which is the main mailing list
-for framework users, or which only goes to
-The SVN keywords for Id and Revision should remain blank, as the SVN
-checkin will handle those substitutions automatically. The Author
-field is not automatic, and should be filled in in the format of
-'Yourname <user[at]domain.tld>' so future developers can contact
-you with any questions.
+The process for submitting new modules via GitHub is documented here:
+This describes the process of forking, editing, and generating a
+pull request, and is the preferred method for bringing new modules
+and framework enhancements to the attention of the core Metasploit
+development team. Note that this process requires a GitHub account.
+For modules, note that Author field is not automatic, and should be
+filled in in the format of 'Your Name <user[at]domain.tld>' so future
+developers can contact you with any questions.

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