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Report on concluded agreements

  • procurementMethod: limited
  • procurementMethodType: reporting

Having entered the information regarding the procedure, CA enters information on the winner and the agreement (contracts: status:active).


Provided the sum entered by the user adding the information regarding the participant (awards:value:amount) differs from the earlier entered estimated value of the procurement (value:amount) in five times (either bigger or smaller), the following message shall be displayed: ‘Please note that the procedure will be published on the website of the Authorized Body only once you enter the information regarding the winner and the agreement, sign it with EDS, and complete the procedure’.

Publication of a decision on intent to conclude an agreement

CA publishes the concluded agreement and enters information regarding the EO immediately (awards:status:active).

This information is published on the official website of the Authorized Body along with the platform’s website as a report on the concluded agreement. It is not possible to submit a complaint at this point.

CA enters the following information on the procurement

title:generalized procurement name
description:remarks, not obligatory
items.description:procurement’s nomenclature description
items.classification.scheme:CPV according to :ref:`rst_codebooks` code which describes the procurement item according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`
items.classification.description:classification code title in Romanian according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`
items.unit.code:measurement unit code (has to go in line with the UN/CEFACT standard, for example - KGM) according to :ref:`rst_codebooks` unit name in Romanian according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`
items.deliveryDate.startDate:goods delivery period (beginning date)
items.deliveryDate.endDate:goods delivery date (end date)
items.deliveryAddress:delivery address
items.deliveryLocation:delivery place’s geographical coordinates
value.currency:MDL, EUR, USD
value.amount:estimated procurement price
value.valueAddedTaxIncluded:without VAT

Entering information on EO on the basis of the concluded agreement

CA enters information on EO on the basis of the concluded agreement. Editing is possible only until change to active status is executed. Only one option should be visible next to each participant - ‘EO on agreement’ (awards:status:active)

Additionally for a certain EO on the agreement, CA notes compliance with qualification criteria assigning ‘true’ value to the Award.qualified parameter.

Award.qualified:true - in line with qualification criteria set by the CA in the tender documentation

The following information regarding tenderers is entered by the CA (automatically filled out fields are marked with*)


document format, required


document URL, required


document title, required


what does the document concern (tender), required


publication date, required


document type


modification date, required

document ID


contact person’s telephone

contact person’s first and last name

participant’s email


organization’s IATI identification scheme

organization’s code in the indicated scheme


participant’s full legal name

participant’s name


postal code (of participant’s location)


country (of participant’s location)


street (of participant’s location)

  • region (of participant’s location)



currency (MDL, EUR, USD)


offer price


without VAT




subcontractor details

participant’s ID (CDB), required

date when the information on the participant was entered (CDB), required

Once the EO is determined, no further actions are performed by the CA.

Concluding an agreement

Once the EO information is entered, CA can publish the concluded agreement. Conclusion of agreement, report on the introduced changes into the agreement, and execution of agreement is executed in the following manner:

  1. EDS while change the agreement’s status to active and terminated, as well as changes to the status active, is obligatory.
  2. Entering information on the agreement is optional. Upon affixation of EDS, CA can finish the procedure (complete).
  3. Provided the changes introduced into the contract by the CA are insignificant, an upload of the modified contract is optional.

Uploading the agreement, CA enters the following information (the fields automatically filled out by the system are marked with*).

Contracts.contractNumber:agreement number
Contracts.dateSigned:agreement conclusion date
Contracts.period.startDate:agreement start date
Contracts.period.endDate:agreement end date
Contracts.value.currency:currency (by default, the same as value.currency) according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.value.amount:agreement value (awards.value.amount), required
Contracts.value.valueAddedTaxIncluded:without VAT (by default, the same as value.valueAddedTaxIncluded), required
Contracts. status:agreement status (once the agreement is uploaded - active), required
Contracts.documents.format:document format (agreement), required
Contracts.documents.url:document URL, required
Contracts.documents.title:document title, required
Contracts.documents.documentOf:what does the document concern (tender), required
Contracts.documents.documentType:document type - signed (contractSigned), required
Contracts.documents.datePublished:publication date, required
Contracts.documents.dateModified:modification date, required ID, required
Contracts.items.description:procurement item name, required
Contracts.items. classification.scheme:CPV according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.items. classification.description:CPV classification code which defines the procurement item, required code classification ID, required
Contracts.items.deliveryAddress.postalCode:postal code (delivery place), required
Contracts.items.deliveryAddress.countryName:country, required
Contracts.items.deliveryAddress.streetAddress:street, required
Contracts.items.deliveryAddress.region:region according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.items.deliveryAddress.locality:residence place, required code, required
Contracts.items.unit.code:measurement unit code according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required unit according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.items.quantity:amount of goods / volume of work assignments, required
Contracts.suppliers.contactPoint.telephone:winner’s contact phone number, required’s first and last name, required’s e-mail, required
Contracts.suppliers. identifier.scheme:international identification scheme according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.suppliers.identifier.legalName:winner’s full legal name, required’s name, required
Contracts.suppliers.address.postalCode:postal code (of winner’s location), required
Contracts.suppliers.address.countryName:country (of winner’s location), required
Contracts.suppliers.address.streetAddress:street (of winner’s location) , required
Contracts.suppliers.address.region:region (of winner’s location) according to :ref:`rst_codebooks`, required
Contracts.suppliers.address.locality:place (of winner’s location), required
Contracts.awardID:qualification ID, required ID, required
Contracts.contractID:agreement ID (MD-...), required

Procedure completion

Once the agreement was uploaded and EDS added, the procedure automatically changes to ‘complete’ status.