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momentnp is a node module that provides various utilities for handling dates, including formatting dates, calculating the time difference from the current time, and converting dates to Nepali formats.

Table of Contents


Simply paste the following code into the terminal to install momentnp:

npm install momentnp


yarn add momentnp


To use momentnp, create an instance of the function with a date string or a Date object. If no valid date is provided, it will use the current date.

const myDate = momentnp("2023-06-01");


The fromNow method calculates the difference from the provided date to the current date and returns the difference in Nepali format.

myDate.fromNow(); // Returns the difference in Nepali, e.g., 'केहि क्षण पहिले'


The format method formats the date into different specified formats. Available formats are:

  • dmy-: YYYY-MM-DD
  • dmyt-: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • dmy/: YYYY/MM/DD
  • dmyt/: YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS
  • DDMMYY: Dth Month, YYYY
  • DDDDMMYY: Day, Dth Month YYYY
  • ddDDMMYY: Day, Dth Mon YYYY
  • DDDDMMYYnp: Nepali format with full day and month names
  • DDMMYYnp: Nepali format with month name
  • YYMMDDDDnp: Nepali format with year, month, and day names
  • dmytnp-: Nepali format with dash separator
  • dmynp-: Nepali format with dash separator, date only
  • dmynp/: Nepali format with slash separator, date only
  • dmytnp/: Nepali format with slash separator
  • fullnp: Full Nepali date with time
myDate.format("dmy-"); // Returns '2023-06-01'
myDate.format("fullnp"); // Returns full Nepali date with time


The inBS method converts the date to the Bikram Sambat (BS) calendar and returns it in the specified format. Available formats are:

  • YYMMDD: BS date in YYYY-MM-DD
  • ddmmyy: BS date in Nepali format with month name
  • ddmmyyfull: BS date in full Nepali format
  • mmddyy: BS date with month name
  • yymmdd: BS date in YYYY/MM/DD
myDate.inBS("YYMMDD"); // Returns BS date in YYYY-MM-DD format
myDate.inBS("ddmmyyfull"); // Returns full Nepali formatted BS date


The isPast method checks if the provided date is in the past.

myDate.isPast(); // Returns true if the date is in the past, otherwise false


const dateExample = momentnp("2023-05-21");

console.log(dateExample.fromNow()); // Outputs time difference in Nepali
console.log(dateExample.format("dmy-")); // Outputs '2023-05-21'
console.log(dateExample.format("fullnp")); // Outputs full Nepali formatted date and time
console.log(dateExample.inBS("YYMMDD")); // Outputs BS date in YYYY-MM-DD format
console.log(dateExample.isPast()); // Outputs true or false based on whether the date is in the past

By utilizing momentnp, you can easily handle date manipulations and formatting in both English and Nepali contexts.


a momentjs like package but in nepali







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