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Qt 5 QPA plugin for Droid hwcomposer
C++ QMake
Latest commit 6b185a4 May 18, 2016 @rburchell rburchell [hwcomposer] Link Qt5PlatformSupport dependencies with PKGCONFIG_PRIV…
…ATE. Contributes to JB#34869.

Otherwise, they will be linked *before* Qt5PlatformSupport, which will
fail with -Wl,--as-needed.
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Qt 5 QPA hwcomposer plugin

This QPA plugin allows rendering on top of libhybris-based hwcomposer EGL
platforms. The hwcomposer API is specific to a given Droid release, and
sometimes also SoC type (generic, qcom, exynos4, ...).

This plugin is derived from the "eglfs" plugin, but removes some parts of
it that would make it harder to integrate hwcomposer features into the QPA.

Build requirements

  - Qt 5 devel packages
  - libhybris devel packages
  - Droid headers

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