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Role Identification for League of Legends


Install from GitHub using pip: pip install git+

This code uses Cassiopeia, which will also be installed if it isn't already.


# Pull the data required to make role assignments
champion_roles = get_data()

# Pull a summoner's most recent match using Cassiopeia
summoner = Summoner(name="Kalturi", region="NA")
match = summoner.match_history[0]

# Use this role identification code to get the blue team's roles
roles = get_team_roles(match.blue_team, champion_roles)
print({ for role, champion in roles.items()})

# Output:
# {'top': 'Pantheon', 'jungle': 'Nunu', 'mid': 'Akali', 'adc': 'Caitlyn', 'support': 'Morgana'}

See the examples directory for more.


This code is a work in progress. It currently uses aggregated data from to identify which champions play what roles. It then does a simple brute force calculation to identify the most likely lane assignment of each champion.

In the future, we will replace's data and the brute force algorithm with a robust machine learning algorithm that takes into account the champion, summoner spells, and runes.

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