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Dull Manager

Generous unrestrictive pricing.

We are months away from launching our production services to the world. You can expect a pricing structure that satisfies the needs of technical volunteers, startups, growing businesses, and enterprises.

Startup Growing Self-managed* Enterprise*
Price per device* Free $10 pm $10 once-off < $10 pm
Price per manager user* Free $50 pm $50 once-off < $50 pm
SLA on public router servers
No cap on units*
Access Management Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Monitoring and Logging Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Service builder Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced

Works with your

own router server

Works with our

dedicated managed server

Private router management
Active network optimisation Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Self service
Department grouping
Approvals and workflows
Role delegation
Federated authentication
Unit* volume discount N/A Yes Yes Extensive
* A \[Unit\] referrs to a device, manager user, or self-service user * \[pm\] means per month * \[Self-managed\] is a package with a one-time payment per user, with perpetual licence and a free year of maintenance * \[Enterprise\] will involve a subscription package with maintenance and support for >500 users. You will need to request a quote. * A \[Manager User\] is a direct user of the Dull Manager web administration software. People who have Dull installed on their device, and who do not use the web administration software are lower cost. * A \[Device\] is a machine that has Dull installed and actively managed by Dull Manager
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