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2 layout: default
3 title: "Why Merb?"
4 current: "why_merb"
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7 <div class='full_width' id='content_top'>
8 <div id='content_bottom'>
9 <div id='content_full'>
10 <h1>Why Merb?</h1>
11 <div class='feature' id='speed'>
12 <h2>Speed</h2>
13 <h3>Built for it!</h3>
14 <p>
15 Like Ruby on Rails, Merb is an MVC framework. Unlike Rails, Merb is ORM-agnostic, JavaScript library agnostic, and template language agnostic, preferring plugins that add in support for a particular feature rather than trying to produce a monolithic library with everything in the core.
16 </p>
17 <p>
18 Merb is also thread-safe and was originally engineered to handle multiple file uploads concurrently.
19 </p>
20 </div>
21 <div class='feature' id='light'>
22 <h2>Lightweight</h2>
23 <h3>A simple, clearly documented core</h3>
24 <p>
25 Rather than trying to cram every feature under the sun into a single code base, we keep things to the bare minimum, without sacrificing anything important.
26 </p>
27 <p>
28 The core code in Merb is kept simple and well organised meaning it’s easier to understand, maintain and extend.
29 </p>
30 </div>
31 <div class='feature' id='power'>
32 <h2>Powerful</h2>
33 <h3>Featureful, flexible and extensible</h3>
34 <p>
35 While we try to keep the core as minimal and clean as possible, this hasn’t meant a sacrifice of features. Merb has a very comprehensive set of features which we are continually improving. For example the new provides, which replaces the responds_to API.
36 </p>
37 <p>
38 For any features that aren’t covered in Merb’s core, there are plugins. Rather than reinvent the wheel with a custom plugin framework, these are implemented as RubyGems, giving us easy plugin installation, updates and versioning.
39 </p>
40 </div>
41 </div>
42 </div>
43 </div>
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