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* The Plugin and Slice Rakefile templates have been updated to use merb-core's
  Merb::RakeHelper. Be sure to regenerate/manually update your Rakefile to
  use this. The old helper methods 'sudo' and 'windows?' have been removed.

* Plugins that implement custom session stores should now conform to the base
  class Merb::SessionStore and implement the stub methods defined there.
* Merb::SessionMixin.finalize_session_exception_callbacks and
  Merb::SessionMixin.persist_exception_callbacks are gone - implement
  recovery strategies in the SessionStore subclass itself.


* Modified the public interface to Merb::Template.inline_template to accept a File or VirtualFile
** For files, templates are now inlined the same way, except do instead of path
** To inline Virtual Files, create a Virtual File via, path), which will use
   the path for later attempts to find the template via Merb::Template.template_for
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