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== Merb 1.1.2 "Dependency hell" 2010-06-17
* [merb-core] Gracefully fail when RSpec is not installed but used.
* [merb-core] Because 1.1.x still use the Bundler we have to depend on it.
* [merb] Require independent versions of the merb-auth and merb_datamapper.
== Merb 1.1.1 "In between the notes" 2010-06-14
* Spec fixes to get more green and 1.8.x compat
* Support for testing controller with Webrat directly from the specs.
For this to work you need to the spec_helper.rb this:
Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
If you use cucumber this doesn't concern you.
* Merb stack middlewares switched from the pure Rack versions to the
merbified versions supporting the deferred actions in Thin and Ebb.
* Refactoring of the gemspecs into standalone files and removing
generation using Rakefile and Jeweler.
* [merb-haml] Update generated resource templates to use resource()
helper (teamon)
* [merb] Meta gem must depend on the RSpec gem because it's default
testing framework.
* [merb-param-protection] Many updates to the gem, including fixing
memleaks and specs (teamon)
* [merb-mailer] Fixing multiple recipients delivery for SMTP.
* [merb-core] Fix logging the incomming parameters even if not routed
to the proper controller. (jontus)
* [merb-gen] Changing default source to
* [merb-core] Removed runtime dependency on the RSpec gem.
* [merb-core, merb-gen] Change default server from Mongrel to Thin.
* [merb-core] Removing Allison RDoc template and using the default Darkfish.
* [merb-core] Fixed double unescaping of Merb::Request#message.
* [merb-core] Fix bug in header setting in mongrel
* [merb-core] Use Rack's ContentLength middleware
* [merb-core] Don't set Content-Length in mongrel
* [merb-core] Fixing Session ID Collision Vulnerability
* [merb-core] Using Ruby 1.9.x SecureRandom lib to generate session IDs.
== Merb 1.1.0 "Black Hole" 2010-03-22
=== New Features
* Ruby 1.9 support. The big one. Merb now runs on ruby 1.9.1. This mandated some
small changes to the internals as well as some changes to the specs. However,
it shouldn't require any changes in your app level code, or at least the merb
specific parts of your app level code.
* Dependency handling with bundler. This is a breaking change. But it
should be for the better. Bundler replaces the previous dependencies.rb with a
Gemfile. It also replaces the Thor tasks for freezing gems. The Gemfile is
used to work out dependencies before any code is required. This avoids much of
the dependency hell.
* Unicorns! Merb is now better behaved as a rack app and works with a
file. This change should make working with whatever is the latest and
greatest ruby webserver a lot easier.
* mongoid support for merb-auth-more's SaltedUser class. Thanks to anvar for
the patch.
* asset timestamping for static assets. This appends a short query string to
static assets, allowing long cache expiry times to be set. Thanks for pavel
for this patch.
* Bugfixes. So many bug fixes. As part of the release process we've done our
best to clear out many of the bugs which have been gathering dust over the
past year. Some do still remain, but those generally require a more complex
solution which needs some thought.
=== Dependency handling using Bundler
In this version we dropped the old way of loading dependencies using the Kernel
extensions and started to use Bundler for dependency management. This allows
us to move the whole dependency handling and gem management outside the
Merb. Therefore we can simplify some internals and remove some of the Kernel
monkey patching:
The old Kernel.dependency and Kernel.dependencies will only 'require
gem_name' or 'require require_as' when you call these methods. They will loudly
inform you of the fact via depreciation warnings too. If you see the warning,
you should move your dependency to the Gemfile.
Also methods: use_orm, use_test, use_testing_framework and use_template_engine
DON'T require any gems now, you must add them as dependencies in the Gemfile.
Merb generators was changed to generate you Gemfile for your application and
settings instead of the dependencies.rb.
So what still works? Almost everything except it doesn't defer to the Merb
start and doesn't load exact version of gem if more versions are installed:
dependency "json" => works
dependency "rspec", :require_as => 'spec' => works try to require 'spec'
dependency "json", '1.1.6' => works unless you have
>= 1.1.6 installed
dependency "json" { } => works but doesn't yield
For more information, check the wiki.
=== Bug fixes
* [merb-assets] #859 Merb can append timestamps to static assets
* [merb-core] #1040 Allow using <%== %> escaped version of <%= %>
* [merb-core] #1068 Correctly handle HEAD requests (This requires manual
alteration of rack.rb)
* [merb-core] #1174 Merb::Config[:use_mutex] issue
* [merb-helpers] #1212 Merb::Helpers::Form::Builder Base#options doesn't convert
'sel' to string before comparing to string
* [merb-core] #1258 Sessions could be overwritten under certain (rare)
* [merb-core] #1288 Fix for run_later in clusters
* [merb-core] #1298 Fix potential timing attack on cookie sessions.
* [merb-core] #1304 Multipart input parsing produces wrong checkbox input
* [merb-core] #1310 Prevent mongrel bloat when streaming files
* [merb-core] #1317 Merb now returns correct cookie headers
* [merb-core] Improvements to handling of conditional validators
* And more ... checkout the repository and the lighthouse.
== 1.0.1
* generate unique session_id_key with new apps
== 0.9.3 "We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll" 2008-05-03
* Add mongrel as dependency of merb meta gem
* make merb.fcgi executable
* Added /log dir back to default app generator; logger auto-flush set to true (dev/test/rake env.)
* Fixed a bug where cache_{action,page} wouldn't work with multiple controllers (closing #90)
* moved the generated frozen merb script to merb-freezer
* action-args: Add support for iherited/mixed-in controller actions
* refactored the rake tasks and added support for rubygems freeze using MODE=rubygems
* Fixes Merb::AssetsMixin errors from #103, also added specs
* finally fixed the submodules freezer
* added simple message to let the user know what merb-core gem is being used
* removed merb-core dependency so frozen-merb can work properly
* Makes frozen_merb bin work outside of the working directory by looking for the -m CLI option
* quieted missleading merb-gen warning when using rspec. Thanks ec!
* added default file logging in production mode
* merb-mailer absolute_url convenience method
* Added bundling for require_js and require_css; track cached bundles in-memory
* Made bundles stale for 60 seconds after modification/generation
* Fixed "Page caching doesn't deactivate" closing #106
* Properly handle assets urls with query strings in them
* Arguments to require_js and require_css methods are now kept seperate
* Cached page requests now respect the original content-type, fixing #116
* Update generated init file: add inflection examples, notes on gems bundling and lazy loading
* Add example and dependencies / installation order tricks to generated init.rb
* Updated templates for merb app generation
* Added a small fix to autotest/merb_rspec.rb template
* Make Merb::Config.use section come after dependencies.
* Make loadp paths and dependencies come first in generated config.
* Fix merb-builder, thanks atmpos
* Leave a notice on libraries under lib/ autoloading in init.rb (see details).
* A css/js auto linker based on controller/action names.
* make partials with args work in parts.
* Add missing dependency for merb-builder
* allow usage of a custom GEM_HOME when building gems in rakefile
* Make generated Autotest files Windows-friendly again.
== 0.9.2 "appropriate response to reality" 2008-03-24
* Fix merb-flat and merb-very-flat generators
* merb-gen no longer generates apps by default
* fix templates so merb-gen will work.
* cache_action and cache_page should only set cache for 200 responses (closing #207)
* use Dir.chdir(dir){ sh "#{SUDO} rake install" } for windows compat in rakefile
* merge drnics MERB_ROM stuff for merb-gen
* add freeze task to the app rakefiles to freeze as git submoduels.
* ok since merb-haml is in -more we will use Merb::Config not Merb::Plugin.config
* Set mongrel as default adapter unless other alternative options are specified
* Clean up Merb-Gen
* Added Autotest mappings for full Merb applications for both the RSpec and Test/Unit libraries.
* Removing un-needed js comment sequence from bundled asset tag.
* merb-more rake install task escalates user privileges too early
* don't reload classes in test mode
* fix up merb-fcgi binary to work out of the box
* adds implementation for #220 * modifies merb.fcgi to enable really working with fcgi setups * adds default .htaccess that manages the redirection to the CGI script
* use __send__ not send, use require in merb-haml
* Fix merb-haml spec to pull proper config
* Fix action-args to honor controller actions defined using :define_method
* fix merb-more rakefiles, fix haml config options
* Added support for charset in css_include_tag
* added merb-cache to the array of gems in Rakefile. closing #79
* updated page caching to use logger
* rearranged module/class structure
* added expire_match support for memcache backend
* config/environments/rake.rb now defaults to log/merb_rake.log
* Now generates config/environments/rake.rb, so Rakefile uses a real environment for Rake (which you can override with MERB_ENV)
* Make symbolize_keys! a noop temporarily.
* move plugin config to main file in merb-assets
* Auto-generated spec_helper.rb now uses :testing option instead of $TESTING global var
* merb-cache can be disabled with config key :disable
* implemented dummy cache store in order to be able to disable caching
* Auto-generated spec_helper.rb now uses :testing option instead of $TESTING global var
* framework.rb needs to be here.
* Added ability to create unique, consistant paths to a static asset (js, css, image, video, etc) based on file name to assist in browsers slowed by HTTP Pipelining.
* Added Gem path manipulation to frozen-merb template
* The :merb_env task now logs to log/rake.log by default
* Added merbtasks.rb
* Cleanup of merb-gen generated Rakefile
* By default classes should not be reloaded (reload_classes = false) in the TEST environment.
* add clean task
* Update task name to have dependencies handled correctly.
* Corrects a spec that uses a helper. The helper needs to be in the Merb namespace
* Fixed typo in freezer generator template
* Template extension documentation
* Revert "Adds a haml_buffer method to Haml::Helpers. This was reporting being missing when using haml in a form."
* ignore bundle, and merb-more.rb
* create merb-more.rb
* capture and concat from AbstractController are private
* Adds a haml_buffer method to Haml::Helpers. This was reporting being missing when using haml in a form.
* Clean up flat app so it makes better use of the way custom frameworks work.
* adding merb-cache to merb-more, thanks booss
* Adds merb_test_unit to init.rb when generating an app with --test
* MERB_TEST_SUITE=test|spec for a pre-selected test suite for merb-gen app generator
* added MERB_ORM info to merb-gen usage
* Uses MERB_ORM env variable to preselect an ORM for config/init.rb
* Freezer refactor.
* Introduce the `freeze' rake task
== 0.9.1 "Some are half-wild, and some are just outlaws." 2008-02-29
* merb-action-args: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-assets: Adds a before_app_loads to merb-assets and fixes XHTML
* merb-assets: Absolute path in image_tag now works like in RoR
* merb-builder: Added merb-builder template engine
* merb-gen: rename class to correctly be MerbResourceControllerTestGenerator
* merb-gen: merb-gen upgraded rubigen dependency to 1.2.4 for bug fix
* merb-gen: Makes merb-gen use the test framework specified by the command-line
argument (defaults to merb_rspec)
* merb-gen: Adds a before_app_loads to merb-assets and fixes XHTML
* merb-gen: updated spec_helper.rb test helpers
* merb-gen: Updated merb-gen's default Rakefile, test/spec helper files, and
plugin file
* merb-gen: Adjusted the app generator to use the Merb::Test::Helpers
* merb-gen: Generating an app is not an error
* merb-gen: Fixed problem in "merb-gen migration" that failed because the
destination directory was nil.
* merb-gen: drop 35K off of merb.jpg
* merb-gen: fix frozen merb w/ gems
* merb-gen: Have merb-gen ignore non-error log messages
* merb-gen: Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* merb-gen: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-gen: fix missing require
* merb-gen: merb-gen adding template spec for delete action
* merb-gen: added restful delete actions to merb-gen
* merb-haml: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-haml: use hash syntax for Merb.config
* merb-haml: Updated merb-haml to pull from Merb.config rather than
* merb-haml: Kills haml buffer bug fast.
* merb-haml: Haml supports concat
* merb-haml: Haml supports capture... f'real
* merb-haml: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-haml: sass_fix
* merb-mailer: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-mailer: Fixes a bug in the _template_root setting of mailers.
* merb-mailer: Use dir_for(:mailer) for the mailer path
* merb-mailer: Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* merb-mailer: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-parts: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-parts: Wait to load parts
* merb-parts: Use a better path for template root.
* merb-parts: Test part inside a view.
* merb-parts: added spec for rendering part inside a view
* merb-parts: [merb-parts] Adds method missing so that controller methods
are available in parts
* merb-parts: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-test: rm -rf merb-test