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# Merb
-Merb is a web development framework. For more information, check out:
+Merb is a web development framework for fast, simple, and powerful
+development. For more information, check out:
* The [project website][merbweb]
* The [git repository][merbgit]
+This is the 1.2 development branch. Expect things to break, and report
+issues at our [Lighthouse tracker][merbbugs].
## Modules
@@ -1,24 +1,27 @@
# merb-core
-A new branch of Merb (sometimes referred to as merb-next) which aims to provide
-a stable, stripped down API for the Merb 1.0 release.
+This is the 1.2 development branch of merb-core, providing core functionality
+for fast, simple, and powerful (web) application development.
-This branch was based off the 0.5 release series with *significant* rewrites.
+## Changes in 1.2
+Check the [1.2 wiki page](
+for changes.
## Goals of this release
- * Stabilize the @public interface methods to provide for a more consistent application development experience.
- * Remove features until nothing except a central application API is left
- * Improve comments on methods using a standard documentation methodology as described in the documentation standards
- * Separate the tests into two sections... "private" and "public"
- * Public methods are methods tagged with @public that will be part of the standard, stable Merb API
- * Private methods are implementation methods that might
- * Implement a new render API
- * Build more extensions to regain selected features when needed
+ * Bring framework and application development up to speed with current
+ versions of supporting frameworks like Rack and RSpec.
+ * User documentation
+ * Integrate "interesting" functionality, e.g., CSRF protection.
+ * Simplify the API further
+## Using Merb
To familiarize yourself with how a merb-core application might look,
-use merb-gen (from merb-more) to generate a few apps:
+use merb-gen to generate a few apps:
+ $ gem install merb-gen # merb-gen is a gem of its own
$ merb-gen app myapp # merb stack app, assuming you are using DM and RSpec
The only option you can use with stack is `--template_engine=(erb|haml)`.
@@ -40,7 +43,7 @@ Default is no ORM.
Default is rspec.
- --template_enging=haml
+ --template_enging=haml # requires the "merb-haml" gem
Default is erb.

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