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Updating the README, adding some notes and some more indications

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@@ -19,12 +19,16 @@ If you experience any problems, please contact me (roman) on github.
h2. Requirements
-* merb-core >=
-* cucumber >= 0.1.13
-* webrat >= 0.3.2 (Optional)
+* merb-core >= 1.0.9
+* cucumber >= 0.2.0
+* webrat >= 0.4.3 (Optional)
h2. First Time
+Include the gem in your dependencies. In your dependencies.rb file include:
+dependency "roman-merb_cucumber", :require_as => nil
Inside your merb project root, run
$ merb-gen cucumber
@@ -43,6 +47,7 @@ To execute all the features run
h2. Notes
+* If you are working with bundled Gems on your project, and having problems to make it through, check this post:
* When you are implementing the steps of an scenario, please use the new request test helper, if you try to use the
dispatch_to method, it won't work as expected.
* Webrat methods other than 'visits' are now singular only.

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