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added json/kv capbilities to Acurite tower sensor

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akhenakh committed Oct 25, 2016
1 parent 729504b commit 66a3752fbc3949ac19cf9eed36d725741947b6b8
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  1. +17 −9 src/devices/acurite.c
@@ -408,9 +408,11 @@ static int acurite_txr_callback(bitbuffer_t *bitbuf) {
float tempc, tempf, wind_dird, rainfall = 0.0, wind_speedmph;
uint8_t humidity, sensor_status, repeat_no, message_type;
char channel, *wind_dirstr = "";
char channel_str[2];
uint16_t sensor_id;
int wind_speed, raincounter, temp;
int wind_speed, raincounter, temp, valid = 0;
uint8_t strike_count, strike_distance;
data_t *data;
local_time_str(0, time_str);
@@ -468,17 +470,23 @@ static int acurite_txr_callback(bitbuffer_t *bitbuf) {
sensor_status = bb[2]; // @todo, uses parity? & 0x07f
humidity = acurite_getHumidity(bb[3]);
tempc = acurite_txr_getTemp(bb[4], bb[5]);
tempf = celsius2fahrenheit(tempc);
sprintf(channel_str, "%c", channel);
data = data_make(
"time", "", DATA_STRING, time_str,
"model", "", DATA_STRING, "Acurite tower sensor",
"id", "", DATA_INT, sensor_id,
"channel", "", DATA_STRING, &channel_str,
"temperature_C", "Temperature", DATA_FORMAT, "%.1f C", DATA_DOUBLE, tempc,
"humidity", "Humidity", DATA_INT, humidity,
"status", "", DATA_FORMAT, "0x%x", DATA_INT, sensor_status,
printf("%s Acurite tower sensor 0x%04X Ch %c: %3.1F C %3.1F F %d %% RH\n",
time_str, sensor_id, channel, tempc, tempf, humidity);
// currently 0x44 seens to be a normal status and/or type
// for tower sensors. Battery OK/Normal == 0x40
if (sensor_status != 0x44)
printf("%s Acurite tower sensor 0x%04X Ch %c, Status %02X\n",
time_str, sensor_id, channel, sensor_status);
return 1;
// The 5-n-1 weather sensor messages are 8 bytes.

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