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Merb Plugin that provided some useful helpers for Title Tags, Meta Tags, Browser Detect, Common HTML Tags, and more
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ViewFu is a Merb plugin that provides all the miscellaneous View tasks. It's a combination of the functionality of BrowserDetect, Headliner, Meta Tags - along with additional tweaks such as providing commonly used View Helpers Methods.

Maintainer Info

Tyler Crocker

Looking for *the one* awesome rails developer to add to your project? I may be available to help out. Contact me at 

ViewFu HTML Helpers
ViewFu provides helpers for commonly used html elements

br #=> <br />
hr #=> <hr />
anchor("posts") #=> <a name='posts'></a>
clear #=> <div class="clear"></div>
clear(:left) #=> <div class="clearleft"></div>
clear_tag(:br) #=> <br class="clear" />
lorem #=> Lorem ipsum dolor...

ViewFu Helper Queries
production? #=> returns true if Rails.env == "production"

ViewFu Misc Helpers
paging(@array) #=> display a will_paginate paging links (only if the array is a valid paging collection)
paging(@array, :sabros) #=> wrap the paging links with a class "sabros"

Haml Specific Helpers
Haml allows you to pash a hash of attributes. ViewFu assists this by providing a simple "hidden" helper that allows you to conditionally hide page elements.

%div{hidden} #=> <div style="display:none">
%div.posts{hidden_if(@posts.empty?)} #=> hide the .posts div if the array is empty
%p.empty{hidden_unless(@posts.empty?)} #=> hide the empty posts message if the array has elements

Page Titles
ViewFu allows you to easily set the current page title from anywhere on your views

Displays the current page title

Sets the page title

See lib/headliner/README for more details

Meta Tags
ViewFu allows you to set meta tags on your page header from anywhere. Just add a call to meta_tags somewhere in your page header.

output all the html meta tags currently on the page

output the meta keywords tag

set the page meta keywords

output the meta description tag

set the page meta description

Copyright (c) 2008, released under the MIT license
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