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This repository

A collection of easy-to-use UI components.

Chico UI

Chico UI is a free and open source collection of easy-to-use UI components for designers and developers.

Get things done, quickly.

Development setup

  1. Install Git and NodeJS.
  2. Open your terminal and clone mercadolibre/chico by running:

    $ git clone
  3. Now go to the project's folder:

    $ cd chico
  4. Install its dependencies:

    $ npm install
  5. Install grunt-cli:

    $ npm install grunt-cli -g
  6. Run a local web server:

    $ npm start

    Navigate http://localhost:3040 and http://localhost:3040/mobile.

  7. Develop! :)


Please read through our code style guides:

 API Doc

You can read our API Doc.

The API doc may also be run locally by running:

grunt doc -env=ui
grunt doc -env=mobile

Navigate ./doc directory and enjoy!


You can run our tests in your browser:

  1. Run the local web server:

    $ npm start
  2. Navigate http://localhost:3040/test/:component

We are going to automate it! :)

 Get in touch

 Maintained by

 Thanks to

  • Natan Santolo (@natos). Creator and former leader, now traveling around the world, drinking beer and looking for the secret of eternal life.
  • Nati Devalle (@taly). Because we love her. She is awesome!




Licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2013 MercadoLibre.

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