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Chico UI

npm Known vulnerabilities

A collection of easy-to-use UI components.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: this project is deprecated and unmaintained. Only critical bugs will be fixed.


Install it using npm:

$ npm install chico

For a specific version, please check the releases section.


Make sure to have Git and Node installed.

  1. Fork the repo and create a new branch —or just create a new branch if you have permissions.

  2. Once you have your local copy, install its dependencies:

    $ npm install
  3. Install Gulp:

    $ npm install gulp -g
  4. Install Browsersync:

    $ npm install browser-sync -g
  5. Run the dev task

    $ gulp dev

    This will open the "ui" version at http://localhost:3040 in your default browser. The "mobile" version is at http://localhost:3040/mobile.

  6. Make all necessary changes, and when all is ready, open a PR.

Code style and formatting

Make sure your code is complying with the following documents:


Run all tests using:

$ npm test

This will run all tests in the terminal using PhantomJS.

Since tests are executed using the Karma test runner, so feel free to run them in another browser. For example, If you want to use Google Chrome run:

./node_modules/.bin/karma start --browsers Chrome

Documentation and live demos

For more information, documentation, or to see live demos, check our official website.

Special thanks

  • Guille Paz (@pazguille).
  • Her Mammana (@hmammana).
  • Lean Linares (@lean8086).
  • Natan Santolo (@natos). Creator and former leader, now traveling around the world, drinking beer and looking for the secret of eternal life.
  • Nati Devalle (@taly). Because we love her. She is awesome!
  • Oleh Burkhay (@atmaworks).


© 2012-2017 Mercado Libre. Licensed under the MIT license.