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JavaScript Style Guide

The previous version is available at old.


The rules for linting JavaScript es5 are based on those from AirBnB (for the deprecated version es5). From there, we’ve made some modifications to add our own custom set of rules, which are listed below.

Our final .eslintrc reflect this.

Table of Contents

  1. Indent
  2. Line max length
  3. Function names
  4. Parameters reassignment


  • We use an indentation of 4 spaces, instead of 2 as AirBnB.

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Line max length

  • The limit for each line of code is set at 120 characters. It will produce an error if the limit is surpassed.

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Function names

  • We have disabled the func-names rule from AirBnB.
  • We allow anonymous functions.

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Parameters reassignment

  • We have disabled the no-param-reassign rule from AirBnB.
  • We allow the reassignment of parameters.

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