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A tiny yet powerful grid system.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: this project is deprecated and unmaintained. Only critical bugs will be fixed.


Mesh is a 12-column grid system built to help you develop with ease. Key features:

  • Mobile-fist and responsive.
  • Fluid columns.
  • Fixed gutters.
  • Infinite nesting.
  • ~541 bytes (minified and gzipped).

To all that, add progressive enhancement, since Mesh has width-agnostic columns to support those old browsers that don't know what media-queries are.


Install it using npm:

npm install mesh-grid

Or simply download the minified file and include it into your project:

<link href="styles/mesh.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />


It's important to keep in mind that:

  • A row contains a given number of columns —up to 12.
  • The size of each column can be defined for every breakpoint.
  • Rows can only have columns as (first) child.
  • Rows or columns should never be styled.
  • Rows can be nested.
  • The content goes inside the columns.


Let's see some examples.

  • A row with width-agnostic columns:

    <div class="mesh-row">
        <div class="mesh-col-4"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-4"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-4"> ... </div>
  • Columns with different sizes for small and large breakpoints:

    <div class="mesh-row">
        <div class="mesh-col-s-12 mesh-col-l-3"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-s-12 mesh-col-l-9"> ... </div>
  • A nested row:

    <div class="mesh-row">
        <div class="mesh-col-4">
            <div class="mesh-row">
                <div class="mesh-col-6"> ... </div>
                <div class="mesh-col-6"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-4"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-4"> ... </div>
  • Row without gutter correction:

    <div class="mesh-row no-reset">
        <div class="mesh-col-6"> ... </div>
        <div class="mesh-col-6"> ... </div>

You can see it in action on the test page.


Size, keys and class names:

Size Key Applies Class name
Agnostic None Always mesh-col-*
Smallest xxs ≥ 0px mesh-col-xxs-*
Smaller xs ≥ 320px mesh-col-xs-*
Small s ≥ 480px mesh-col-s-*
Medium m ≥ 768px mesh-col-m-*
Large l ≥ 1024px mesh-col-l-*
Larger xl ≥ 1200px mesh-col-xl-*


If you want to customize Mesh, you only need Node ^0.10.0 and Gulp ^3.9.0 up and running.

Since the only thing that you'll probably be modifying is the $mesh map and its values, we assume you know how to do it. Knock yourself up!

Browser support

We aim to support the following browsers:

  • Chrome latest 5
  • Firefox latest 5
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Opera latest 5
  • Safari latest 5
  • iOS Safari latest 5
  • Android Browser 2.1+

While Mesh might work fine in other browsers or older versions, we can only ensure that it will do it seamless in the above.


If you find a bug, please report it on the issue tracker. In case you want to fix an issue or implement a new feature, make sure that you have read the contribution guidelines first.


© 2013-2017 Mercado Libre. Licensed under the MIT license.

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