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Easy to use Google Pub/Sub
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Relé makes integration with Google PubSub straightforward and easy.

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Motivation and Features

The Publish-Subscribe pattern and specifically the Google Cloud Pub/Sub library are very powerful tools but you can easily cut your fingers on it. Relé makes integration seamless by providing Publisher, Subscriber and Worker classes with the following features:

  • Powerful Publishing API
  • Highly Scalable Worker
  • Intuitive Subscription Management
  • Easily Extensible Middleware
  • Optional Django or Flask Integration
  • And much more!

What it looks like

# Publish to the topic
import rele

rele.publish(topic='photo-uploaded', data={'customer_id': 123})

# Subscribe to the Pub/Sub topic
from rele import sub

def photo_uploaded(data, **kwargs):
    print(f"Customer {data['customer_id']} has uploaded an image")

What's in the name

"Relé" is Spanish for relay, a technology that has played a key role in history in the evolution of communication and electrical technology, including the telegraph, telephone, electricity transmission, and transistors.


Relé supports Python 3.6+ and installing via pip

pip install rele

or with Django integration

pip install rele[django]

or with Flask integration

pip install rele[flask]


Please see our documentation to get started.

You can also read more about it here

Running Tests

Does the code actually work?

  make test
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