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JMS Browser

Send, view and browse your messages in queues and topics easily from a powerful Eclipse based user interface.


  • runs on linux and windows
  • multiple, simultaneous connections and views
  • copy messages from one server to another
  • filter messages with selectors
  • XML formatting of payload
  • live view
  • supports JMS standard 1.1
  • plugin mechanism for JMS providers
  • uses browse for queues


In order to build JMS Browser, it is necessary to add the libraries listed in each plugins lib/libraries.txt to the plugins lib folder. Afterwards, you can start the build with

bash$ mvn package

This places the builds for windows and linux under jmsbrowser.product/target/products/.


You are welcome to fork and add the features most valuable to you. Please consider discussing new features by opening an issue before submitting a merge request.

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