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MB.io - SINFO Test Drive Challenge API (backend)

We, at Mercedes-Benz.io build customer focussed products. These products go from the site that sells our cars to the applications that control and monitor them.

One of the web applications that we built for our customers is Test Drive. It allows a customer to book a test drive on a vehicle and dealer of his choice, simplifying the whole process for him.

Taking that into account, we challenge you to try to build a similar service. By creating a Test Drive (TD) backend application, your challenge is to consider that clients want to book test drives and you ought to match them with the available vehicles on Mercedes-Benz dealers.

On the business side, it's simple. Usually, customers choose a vehicle with a given set of attributes (fuel type, transmission, etc) and then they choose a retailer near them, booking the vehicle for an available time slot.

We provided you with sample data to make your task easier. This sample data is composed of:

  • a collection of dealers;
    • each dealer contains a set of vehicles that are available on its dealership;
    • each vehicle presents its own set of attributes (eg: model, fuel type, transmission type and days of the week that it's available for a test drive).
  • a collection of already scheduled bookings.

Download the sample data dataset.json

Data Structure:

A file in JSON format is provided and this data should be loaded at application startup. Below is a description of it:

Field Format Description
dealers List List of available dealers
bookings List List of bookings made
Field Format Description
id String Unique identifier for a dealer
name String Name of the Dealer
latitude Number Latitude of dealer's location
longitude Number Longitude of dealer's location
vehicles List List of vehicles in that dealer
closed List List of days that the dealer is closed for business
Field Format Description
id String Unique identifier for a vehicle
model String Vehicle model (eg: 'A-Class', 'C-Class', 'E-Class', 'S-Class')
fuel String Fuel type of the vehicle (eg: 'petrol', 'diesel', 'hybrid')
transmission String Vehicle transmission type (eg: 'manual', 'automatic')
availability Hash Key/Value pair, with days of the week (keys) and the hours (values) available for booking. This represents the general availability of a vehicle and is not changed when a booking is made.
Field Format Description
key String Day of the week when the booking should be available (eg: monday, tuesday)
value List[String] List of slots in a hours where the car is available for a booking
Field Format Description
id String Unique identifier for a booking
vehicleId String Vehicle identifier
firstName String Customer's first name
lastName String Customer's last name
pickupDate Datetime Day and time of the booking
createdAt Datetime Day and Time that the booking entry was created
cancelledAt Datetime Day and Time that this booking was cancelled
cancelledReason Text Reason for the booking cancelation

Sample of provided JSON (data source):

  "dealers": [
      "id": "ab49f56a-451d-4721-8319-efdca5e69680",
      "name": "MB Albufeira",
      "latitude": 37.104404,
      "longitude": -8.236308,
      "closed": [
      "vehicles": [
          "id": "3928f780-295b-4dd0-8cc9-28c0738398d9",
          "model": "AMG",
          "fuel": "ELECTRIC",
          "transmission": "AUTO",
          "availability": {
            "thursday": [
            "monday": [
  "bookings": [
      "id": "1c6bd910-12b1-45d6-b4d8-cdff2f37db90",
			"firstName": "Joanna",
			"lastName": "Randolph",
			"vehicleId": "3928f780-295b-4dd0-8cc9-28c0738398d9",
			"pickupDate": "2018-03-03T10:30:00",
			"createdAt": "2018-02-26T08:42:46.291"
			"id": "fdaab47c-a067-43bd-8278-eec5ca413fd3",
			"firstName": "Abdullah",
			"lastName": "Randolph",
			"vehicleId": "3928f780-295b-4dd0-8cc9-28c0738398d9",
			"pickupDate": "2018-03-06T10:30:00",
			"createdAt": "2018-02-26T08:42:46.3"

The challenge

We expect that you build a Restful API that should implement the following features:

  • List all vehicles by:
    • Model
    • Fuel type
    • Transmission
    • Dealer
  • Find the closest dealer according to my location that has a vehicle with specific attributes (Model, Fuel Type, Transmission) [returns zero or one dealer]
  • Create a new booking (Once a booking is made you can't double book a vehicle for that time slot)
  • Cancel a booking (giving a reason for cancelation)

Download the sample data dataset.json for the challenge.

Improvement suggestions:

  • Find the dealers sorted by distance according to my location that have a vehicle with specific attributes (Model, Fuel Type, Transmission) [returns any number of dealers]
  • Find the dealers inside a given polygon that have a vehicle with specific attributes (Model, Fuel Type, Transmission) [returns any number of dealers]


  • At MB.io our stack is Java and maven for dependency management but you are free to choose any open source language/tool you want.
  • Load provided data (dealers, vehicles and existing bookings) at application startup.
  • Your application should not depend on any external datasource (eg: databases, servers, etc.). Everything should run in memory.
  • You are free to use any framework you think appropriate.
  • Implement Unit Tests (we don't expect 100% coverage, use your best judgement).
  • Submit a README file with your solution, with the following content:
    • How to build and run your application
    • How to run your tests
    • API documentation
    • Explanation about your choices, their limitations and possible improvements
    • Any additional information you may think is relevant


If you have any questions regarding the challenge or find a bug with the exercise, please use GitHub issues.

To talk with us and other developers about the API open a support ticket or mail us at goncalo.sequeira@mercedes-benz.io if you need to talk to us.