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SQS Message Mover

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sqsmover is a tool for moving AWS SQS messages from one queue to another. Useful when you need to move deadletter queue messages back into the original queue.



  • Reliable delivery. SQS Mover will only delete messages from the source queue after they were enqueued to the destination.
  • Receives and sends messages in batches for faster processing.
  • Progress indicator.
  • User friendly info and error messages.
  • Queue name resolution. For ease of use, you only need to provide a queue name and not the full arn address.
  • Message attributes copy.
  • Support for FIFO queues. MessageGroupId and MessageDeduplicationId are copied over to the destination messages.
  • An optional flag to limit the number of messages to move.


SQS Mover is pre-compiled for macOS, Linux, Windows and does not require additional dependencies. You can install the pre-compiled binary (in several different ways) or compile from source.


$ brew install sqsmover

Chocolatey (Windows)

$ choco install sqsmover

Shell script:

The following script will install the binary into /usr/local/bin

$ curl | sh

Note that you may need to run the sudo version below, or alternatively chown /usr/local/bin:

$ curl | sudo sh

From Source


git clone && cd sqsmover


AWS_PROFILE=nbos-ris AWS_REGION=us-west-2 go run main.go --source transactions-dlq --destination transactions


Download the pre-compiled binary from the releases page and copy to the desired location.

Set up AWS credentials

Specifying AWS credentials in either a shared credentials file or environment variables.

Option 1: Creating the Credentials File

If you don’t have a shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials), you can use any text editor to create one in your home directory. Add the following content to your credentials file, replacing <YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID> and <YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY> with your credentials.

aws_access_key_id = <YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID>
aws_secret_access_key = <YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>

The [default] heading defines credentials for the default profile, which the SQSMover will use unless you configure it to use another profile.

Optionally you can configure default region in ~/.aws/config


Option 2: Environment variables

As an alternative, you can setup AWS credentials in the environment variables.

The following examples show how to configure the environment variables.

Linux, OS X, or Unix





sqsmover --help

usage: sqsmover --source=SOURCE --destination=DESTINATION [<flags>]

  -h, --help                     Show context-sensitive help (also try
                                 --help-long and --help-man).
  -s, --source=SOURCE            The source queue name to move messages from.
  -d, --destination=DESTINATION  The destination queue name to move messages to.
  -r, --region="us-west-2"       The AWS region for source and destination queues.
  -e, --endpoint="https://..."   Use a specific endpoint in an AWS region. For more information see
  -p, --profile=""               Use a specific profile from AWS credentials file.
  -l, --limit=0                  Limits total number of messages moved. No limit is set by default.
  -b, --batch=10                 The maximum number of messages to move at a time.
  -v, --version                  Show application version.


Region will default to us-west-2, you can also override it with --region flag

sqsmover --source=my_source_queue_name --destination=my_destination_queuename
sqsmover --source=my_source_queue_name --destination=my_destination_queuename --region=eu-west-1

-- shorthand
sqsmover -s my_source_queue_name -d my_destination_queuename -r eu-west-1

Profile will default to Default, you can also override it with --profile flag

sqsmover --source=my_source_queue_name --destination=my_destination_queuename --profile=user

Limit number of moved messages to 10

sqsmover -s my_source_queue_name -d my_destination_queuename -l 10

By default, sqsmover will try to move 10 messages at a time. However, if the total size of messages in a batch exceeds 256kb (262,144 bytes) you will receive an error: Batch requests cannot be longer than 262144 bytes. You have sent x bytes. To resolve, reduce the batch size by setting -b flag.

sqsmover -s my_source_queue_name -d my_destination_queuename -b 3

Compiling from source

You will need to have Golang installed.

# clone it outside GOPATH
git clone
cd sqsmover

# get dependencies using go modules (needs go 1.11+)
go get ./...

# build
go build -o sqsmover .

# check it works
./sqsmover --version