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TONLIB Golang library

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TONLIB Golang library for accessing Telegram Open Network with liteclient protocol, which is based itself on tdlib library. Warning: this repository is under active development, not ready for production use


$ go get -u


import ""

Supported methods

  • createNewKey
  • deleteKey
  • exportKey
  • exportPemKey
  • exportEncryptedKey
  • importKey
  • importPemKey
  • importEncryptedKey
  • changeLocalPassword
  • unpackAccountAddress
  • packAccountAddress
  • wallet.init
  • wallet.getAccountAddress
  • [-] wallet.getAccountState
  • [-] wallet.sendGrams
  • raw.sendMessage
  • raw.getTransactions
  • raw.getAccountState
  • generic.sendGrams
  • getLogStream
  • sync
  • CreateAndSendMessage
  • generic.createSendGramsQuery
  • query.send
  • query.forge
  • query.estimateFees
  • query.getInfo
  • smc.load
  • smc.getCode
  • smc.getData
  • smc.getState
  • smc.runGetMethod


Create new client

    options, err := tonlib.ParseConfigFile("path/to/config.json")
    if err != nil {

    // make req
    req := tonlib.TonInitRequest{

    tonClient, err = tonlib.NewClient(
    	&req, // init request
    	tonlib.Config{}, // config
    	10, // timeout in seconds for each (currently only QueryEstimateFees) tonlib.Client`s public method
    if err != nil {
    defer cln.Destroy()

Create new private key

    // prepare data
    loc := SecureBytes("loc_pass")
    mem := SecureBytes("mem_pass")
    seed := SecureBytes("")

    // create new key
    pKey, err := cln.CreateNewKey(&loc, &mem, &seed)
    if err != nil {

Get wallet address

    addrr, err := cln.WalletGetAccountAddress(tonlib.NewWalletInitialAccountState("YourPublicKey"))
    if err != nil {


To install sample cli application:

$ go get -u

To run sample cli app your have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

For linux export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<path2repository>/lib/linux

For MacOS export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<path2repository>/lib/darwin

Code generation from new *.tl files released by TON team

If you need to update structures and add new methods based on a fresh release of TON`s client you can do it by using code generation command. In order to perform such operation - run the command bellow and provide path of *.tl file to the running command as in the example bellow.

$ go run /path/to/repos/ton/tl/generate/scheme/



PRs are welcome!

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