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== Executing Tests

First create the test database: rails_sql_views_unittest 

Next, copy test/connection.example.yml to test/connection.yml and change the
settings to match your database configuration that you are testing.

To run the tests either use:

Which will run the MySQL tests, or use something like the following:

  rake DB=native_postgresql
Substituting the directory name inside the connection directory.

== Status

Currently the following adapters have been tested:

* PostgreSQL Pure Ruby
The Oracle and SQL Server adapters have not been tested by me.

== Implementing Adapters

If you would like to implement an adapter, it should go in 
lib/rails_sql_views/connection_adapters. Follow the conventions
of the other adapters currently implemented. Every adapter must implement the 
following methods:

  base_tables(name = nil)
  views(name = nil)
  view_select_statement(view, name=nil)
The suports_views? method must return true. The views method must return an 
array of all view names. The view_select_statement method must return the 
select statement used to construct the specified view.

In addition you must include the following for testing purposes:

The script which establishes the database connection in ActiveRecord:

The schema to setup the test database in your drivers native form:

The expected schema output from a schema dump. Note that it must be formatted 
*exactly* as the output would be:
Once this is done you should send the diff of the changes to Any questions can also be emailed to this address.

== Known Issues

* If you are running on Rails 1.1.6 then the schema dumper test will fail because the formatting of the schema output has changed between 1.1.6 and 1.2.
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