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An analysis and visualization platform for 'omics data
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.github Update Jan 28, 2019
anvio add program name to cogs missing error, Related #1141 Apr 24, 2019
sandbox a place holder to avoid future confusion Apr 4, 2019
.gitignore ignore snakemake Jun 24, 2018
.gitmodules add new submodule for md5 May 12, 2017
AUTHORS.txt += emily Apr 17, 2019 Update Aug 2, 2015
LICENSE.txt gpl 3.0 text Jul 20, 2014 fix tests in manifest Oct 29, 2018 working with ncbi genomes blog post Mar 18, 2019 Merge 'master' into branch variability Mar 14, 2018
requirements.txt a new friend (very simple lib, and I included checks to make sure thi… Apr 4, 2019 keep version inside instead of Sep 27, 2018

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