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Developers and contributors at the University of Chicago
A. Murat Eren (a.murat.eren at gmail dot com)
Evan Kiefl (kiefl.evan at gmail dot com)
Iva Veseli (iveseli at
Samuel Miller (samuelmiller at
Matthew Schechter (mschechter at uchicago dot edu)
Isaac Fink (iafink at uchicago dot edu)
Matthew Lawrence Klein (mtt.l.kln at gmail dot com)
Andrea Watson (andreawatson at uchicago dot edu)
Florian Trigodet (trigodet dot florian at gmail dot com)
Emily Fogarty (efogarty at uchicago dot edu)
Developers and contributors at large
Özcan Esen Turkey
Alon Shaiber Weill Cornell Medicine United States
Jessica Pan Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
Quentin Clayssen University of Nantes France
Ryan Moore University of Delaware United States
Mahmoud Yousef University of Chicago United States
Emanuel Burgos University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
Gökmen Göksel Google, Inc. United States
Faruk Uzun Monera, Inc. Turkey
Daniel Blankenberg Genomic Medicine Institute United States
Gökmen Görgen Radity, Inc Switzerland
Doğan Can Kilment Makroser, Inc. Turkey
Srinidhi Varadharajan University of Oslo Norway
Amy Willis University of Washington United States
Mike Lee NASA Ames Research Center United States
Xabier Vázquez-Campos University of New South Wales Australia
John Eppley University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa United States
S. Çağlar Onur Google, Inc. United States
Dan Utter Harvard University United States
Tom Delmont Genoscope France
Finlay Maguire Dalhousie University Canada
M. Fauzi Haroon Harvard University United States
Elmar Pruesse University of Colorado Denver United States
C. Titus Brown University of California Davis United States
Bryan Merill Stanford University United States
Lucas Paoli ETH Zurich Switzerland
Inés Martinez University of Alberta Canada
Developers and contributors no longer on GitHub
Tobias Paczian
Anvi'o is an open-source, community-driven project and the purpose of this file is
to mention names who contributed to its codebase. The file divides individuals into
two main groups: (1) those who are currently employed at the University of Chicago
and work on anvi'o as a part of their job description (hence they are ready to
respond to technical questions or consider feature requests), and (2) those who
contribute (or have contributed) to the platform and help (or have helped) its
progress from elsewhere. The order of names in this file follows the logic
implemented at GitHub's contributors page at the following URL, which ranks
individuals based on the number of commits they've made to the anvi'o master
Anvi'o developers are aware of the fact that there are no simple quantitative
measures that can serve as fair and accurate judges of importance or quality. For
instance this list does not include those who contributed to the platform by submitting
issues, writing tutorials, making suggestions, or helping other anvi'o users.
If you are a user of anvi'o and found yourself all the way here reading these lines, we
would like you to remind yourself that the order of names in this file means nothing
more than a poor attempt to have an organization based on a rather neutral metric. If
you are an anvi'o user, we believe that it would be the most appropriate and kind of
you to assume that anvi'o wouldn't have been possible without any of these individuals
and those who contributed to the platform by other means than writing code. We are
thankful for all who invested their time. Since you are here, we thank you, too.