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v5, "margaret" is out! (25.06.2018)

We are happy to announce #anvio v5, "margaret":

This release adds more than 10,000 lines of code to v4, and makes available new tools for those who study metagenomes and pangenomes, and are interested in microbial evolution, ecology, and biochemistry.

Please see the release notes here, and see why you must update your installation yourself! 😇

v4, "rosalind" is out! (24.02.2018)

This version adds about 15,000 new lines of code since the previous, while removing about 7,500, streamlining the anvi'o codebase while making available a plethora of improvements and new toys!

Please see the release notes here, and keep your installation up-to-date!

Slack for anvi'o (15.01.2018)

We now have a public Slack workspace for anvi'o. Come join us to ask questions about anvi'o, follow its development, or participate conversations on how to survive and make sense of 'omics data.

An anvi'o workshop at UC Irvine (10.01.2018)

We are are happy to announce a free 2-day anvi'o workshop at the University of California, Irvine. Click here for more information.

v3, "Eden" is out!" (05.10.2017)

Welcome, Eden! See the release notes here, and keep your installation up-to-date!

v2.4.0, "Pyrenees" is out!" (27.07.2017)

A new anvi'o version with many bug fixes and new features is out! See the release notes here.

Anvi'o workshop at the JGI (25.07.2017)

Join us at the Joint Genome Institute for a 2-day anvi'o workshop. The deadline for applications is August 1st. Click here for more information.

Welcome to anvi'o news! (16.05.2017)

Starting from the anvi'o release v2.3.2, you will have access to the anvi'o news through the interactive interface.

Please refer to this blog post if you have any questions or concerns regarding this feature: