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What is this?

This directory contains HMM profiles and related data for anvi'o to be able to identify bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic rRNA genes in contigs.

The source of these profiles is Torsten Seemann's Barrnap repository.

How to rebuild the genes.hmm.gz file

The HMM files in Torsten's repo is not immediately usable from within anvi'o due to a number of anvi'o- and HMMER-specific non-trivial reasons. So I had to fix a couple of things.

First checkout the repo, and make sure you are on the right time and right place for everything to work:

cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/tseemann/barrnap.git
git checkout ebfdc202842b4ec16ac6b3a380b17f2e00ab6b68

Go into the databases directory. You can double check every change that will follow with git diff:

cd barrnap/db

Remove all DESC lines. HMMER converts those spaces into TABs, extending number of TAB characters arbitrarily:

sed -i '' '/^DESC / d' *.hmm

Make those names look better and distinguishable:

sed -i '' 's/NAME  /NAME  Bacterial_/g' bac.hmm
sed -i '' 's/NAME  /NAME  Archaeal_/g' arc.hmm
sed -i '' 's/NAME  /NAME  Mitochondrial_/g' mito.hmm
sed -i '' 's/NAME  /NAME  Eukaryotic_/g' euk.hmm

Add noise cutoffs. totally arbitrary :/ maybe at some point we will fix this behavior and the HMM framework in anvi'o will be able to use HMM profiles without any model noise cutoffs. but for now, this is it:

sed -i '' '/CKSUM /a \
GA    750 750;\
TC    750 750;\
NC    750 750;\
' *.hmm

Create a new directory (which will become all the anvi'o data):

mkdir Ribosomal_RNAs

Concatenate all into one file:

cat *.hmm > Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.hmm

Create a genes.txt file:

echo "gene accession hmmsource" > Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.txt

for i in `grep NAME Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.hmm | awk '{print $2}'`
    echo "$i None barrnap"
done >> Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.txt

perl -p -i -e 's/ /\t/g' Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.txt

gzip Ribosomal_RNAs/genes.hmm

Create other necessary files:

echo "Ribosomal_RNAs" > Ribosomal_RNAs/kind.txt
echo "Seeman T, https://github.com/tseemann/barrnap" > Ribosomal_RNAs/reference.txt
echo "RNA:CONTIG" > Ribosomal_RNAs/target.txt

You are done. Now one can run it with anvi-run-hmms:

anvi-run-hmms -c CONTIGS.db -H Ribosomal_RNAs

And get those sequences back:

anvi-get-sequences-for-hmm-hits -c CONTIGS.db --hmm Ribosomal_RNAs